Luxury Theme Wedding Concepts and Ideas
Marie Antoinette Theme Wedding

Marie Antoinette Theme Wedding Decor
Enchanted with Marie Antoinette from Sofia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette", the bide and groom turned to Wilkinson Rhodes to transform the groom's family Texas resort into a French themed romantic wedding experience. Replete with over 10,000 Roses, extraordinary details and including caged Doves, the mix of Pink hues was soothing and inviting. Featured in Special Events Magazine with Photos by Amy DeYoung Photography.

Palace of Versailles Theme Wedding

Palace of Versailles Theme Wedding Decor
The Mirror Room at The Yorktowne Hotel held all the elements that were so carefully preserved at the Palace of Versailles. And in thinking the theme through, all concluded that even the beautiful gardens of the bride's home could perfectly represent the outer landscaped garden of the Palace of Versailles. The inspiration to pull from both the inner Palace elements and the historic Versailles garden elements appealed to everyone.

Rustic Theme Wedding

A Rustic Wedding Theme Decor
Using a rich color palette we began with a Signature Birch Cocktail garnished with crushed edible flower crystals for our inspiration. The rim of the glass was then topped off with a Belgian Chocolate Sweetglazed coated edible flower on the tip of a Belgian Chocolate stick. Sinfully Decandant! The decor was designed to highlight all the Rustic Theme hues in our Color Palette. We mixed birch wood, vines, barks, leaves, edible flowers and other rustic elements.

Midsummer Night's Dream Theme Wedding

Midsummer Night's Dream Theme Wedding Decor
A Midsummer Night's Dream, a play by William Shakespeare, is set in an Enchanted Forrest near Athens, Greece. The bride and groom wanted their wedding to be a dream that would carry out the feeling of A Midsummer Night's Dream which is a complex farce that involves two sets of couples whose romantic intrigues are confused and complicated by entering the enchanted forest. The plot in the end reveals Love Always Triumphs and in the value of Dreaming the Impossible Dream.

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